From 1st through 5th June 2022 families, children and cartoons fans are really welcomed to come to Pescara for the Cartoons on the Bay Festival. As for every edition, also for this year, it is planned to have a packed programme with initiatives and events open to the main public.

Among them, we can quote two relevant exhibitions, respectively dedicated to the breaking-record TV success ARCANE, and another one devoted to the maestro of the character design, Carlos Grangel. Both can be visited at the AURUM – LA FABBRICA DELLE IDEA venue.

Other relevant events happening for the general audience and valuable also for foreign tourists are the Sports events, every day, with the volley together with the star, Andrea Lucchetta.

Also, for cosplay fans, the weekend is entirely devoted to this art.

Enjoy your time in Pescara!

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Cartoons on the Bay is an event
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