Shinichiro Watanabe


Shinichiro Watanabe is a Japanese film director, screenwriter, and music producer.

He was born in Kyoto, Japan 1965.

Formerly employees at Sunrise, Watanabe supervised the episode direction and storyboards of may Sunrise anime. he made his derectorial debut  as co-director of [Macross Plus].

 Notable Works

 as Director

1994  Macross Plus (OVA)  Co-Director with Shoji Kawamori

1998  Cowboy Bebop (TV Series)

2001  Cowboy Bebop The Movie (Movie)

2003  The Animatrix – Kid’s Story, A Ditective Story (OVA)  Episode Direction

2004  Samurai Champloo (TV Series)

2007  Genius Party – Baby Blue (Movie)  Episode Direction

2012  Kids on the Slope (TV Series)

as Music Producer

2004  Mind Game (Movie)  Directed by Masaaki Yuasa

2007  Genius Party (Movie)  Compilation Movie

2008  Michiko to Hatchin (TV Series)  Directed by Sayo Yamamoto

2012  Lupin The 3rd – A Woman Called Fujiko Mine (TV Series)  Directed by Sayo Yamamoto

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