Francesco Tullio-Altan

Francesco Tullio-Altan, was born in Treviso in September 1942. He studied in Bologna and attended the Architecture University of Venice. In 1970 he moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he worked for the Brazilian cinema. In 1975 he returned to his homeland. That same year he starts creating his main character: PIMPA. Meanwhile he publishes several books of cartoons, graphic novels: Colombo, Ada, Macao, Friz Melone, Franz, Crazy hearts, Zorro Bolero and Trino strips and many more. Many of these books will also be published abroad. Pimpa is his most famous character for children and has starred in 4 cartoon series and 4 Specials of 30 minutes for a total of over 600 minutes of animation. Since 1987 has a monthly magazine of its own which has been published by Franco Panini Editore since 1994. Over the years Altan has won numerous awards for his comics and important journalistic awards. Exhibitions of his works have been made in several Italian cities and foreign countries.

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