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“CARTOONS GAME” arrives in Piazza San Carlo on Sunday 14 April, a sporting event that concludes the 23rd edition of Cartoons on the Bay

On Sunday, April 14th in Piazza San Carlo in Turin will arrive CARTOONS GAME, the sporting event dedicated to children aged 4 to 14 – organized by CUS Torino in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, Rai Com, Film Commission Torino Piemonte and FIP Film Investimenti Piemonte – which is part of the program of the 23rd edition of Cartoons on the Bay, the International Festival of Cross-Media Animation and Children’s TV, to be held in Turin from 11 to 14 April.

Cartoons Game represents a precious opportunity to bring sports’ values ​​into the streets, bring young people and families closer to sporting disciplines and stimulate their practice, in line with the philosophy promoted by Rai Ragazzi through programming on Rai Yoyo and Rai Gulp.

The day of CARTOONS GAME will offer many sporting activities with free admission, from 10.00 to 19.00, related to the world of Rai Ragazzi’s cartoons, the Posta di Yoyo and the Rai Radio Kids show with Armando Traverso.

Many of the proposed activities:

– The live of “HAPPY DANCE“, the new format dedicated to dance enthusiasts and more. The actor and presenter Lorenzo Branchetti, frontman of Rai Ragazzi, and the dancer and choreographer of the show, Anastasia Kuzmina from “Dancing with the Stars” will present various dance styles from Funk to Charleston, from Hip Hop to Waltz, from Salsa to Rock’n’roll, with the participation of dance schools attended by very young artists.

– Within Radio Kids there will be Armando Traverso and the puppets “Lallo il cavallo”, “Lella la pecorella” and “DJ” to make all of the children dance and have fun. A special live show with music, stories, Rai Radio jokes for the little ones. And, as always, the interaction with the children who will be able to intervene in the show, tell stories and above all else help Armando and the puppets to make the radio, because the show will be broadcast on Rai Radio Kids.

– The volley with the girls of the Spike Team, the animated series created by the champion Andrea Lucchetta will wait for you in the square with a field to try your best at playing volleyball. On the pitch, six girls united by the same love of sport. To train them, the volcanic Lucky-Lucchetta’s cartoon version that teaches, together with the fundamentals of the sport that made it famous all over the world, that life is an extraordinary teamwork where you don’t need to be champions but always have passion. A story of friendship, a path of growth, where defeats become victories and where the only thing that cannot really be lost is hope.

– The masters of martial arts, more precisely the olympic fight and karate – with a Mini Ninjas’ theme – will teach the respect and courage we need on the tatami. The comic-adventurous series to be soon aired on Rai Gulp, with a cast of brave, fallible, lovable characters. Hiro, Suzume, Futo, Kunochi, Shuno, Tora are a new generation of ninja. How to become the ninja you’ve always wanted to be? Get yourself trained and watch Mini Ninja!

– The parkour, with Extreme Football’s theme, the animated series inspired by Stefano Benni’s novel “La Compagnia dei Celestini”, one of the greatest successes of the past TV seasons, will be offered to all children on the streets; this sport is defined as the “art of displacement”, i.e. moving from one point to another as quickly as possible, using only the human body.

Table tennis and rowing with the leading champions of “SPORT Stories“; the CUS instructors will follow the young audience in the tennis and regometer tests.

And then a platform for the practice of fencing, circus activities dedicated to the acrobatic discipline of the “aerial fabrics” and a climbing wall.

And finally at 5.00 PM it will be time for the paratroopers to descend on the square.

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